What Is Voice Over?​

Voice over is an audiovisual production technique. The voice is recorded off-screen and used to narrate a story or explain information in a radio, filmmaking, television production, theater, etc.

Narration and non-narration are two main types of voice overs. In narration, a voice over describes the on-screen action and tells the audience what’s happening. While in non-narration, voice over tends to be informative, directive, and educational. No matter the type, only voice over with audio clarity, inflection and vocal tone, pacing, and proper pronunciation can be considered good.

Why Professional Voice Over Agency Matters?

Brands feed their audience unique content in commercials, documentaries, event announcements, news reports, promotional movie trailers, video games, and other presentations. But you can have a leg up over your competitors by conveying your message to your customers, listeners, viewers, and readers in their mother tongue.

People always feel more connected in their mother tongue. Besides, audiovisual content in the native language results in better retention and retrieval of information. To wider your market internationally, you need perfect voice recording that sounds natural and idiomatic. With the vast resource of voice talents worldwide and immense recording experience, a professional voice over company can get you there in the fastest and most reliable manner.

How Do We Guarantee Superior Quality?

We understand how much energy you have devoted to your voice over script with the wording, tone, and style carefully chosen and revised. So before entrusting your recording project to a voice over website, it’s best to choose one that provides assurances in voice over and video editing.

Wordspath’s voice over translation services stand out because we only work with the most qualified and fitting voice over talents available and pay attention to even the tiniest details. We match your project to our native team of linguists, artists, and audio engineers.

This is why we deliver linguistically, contextually and culturally accurate translation of voice over at all times. Before we hand over the final product, our dedicated quality assurance team will review the script and recording to eliminate any issue or error.

Voice Over Services For Every Need

Whether you need to broadcast your program across different continents, adapt a presentation to your global audience, translate an e-learning course for your international workforce, Wordspath’s voice over narration services will ensure your message hits home globally.

broadcast production

Broadcast Production

From radio spots to TV commercials, Wordspath provides access to thousands of professional, mother-tongue voice over artists who are best at capturing the original file's nuance, tone, and style.

narration production

Narration Production

Whether it's audio manuals, documentaries, e-learning courses, or in-flight entertainment, we make sure all audio translations are accurately aligned to the on-screen texts and activities in the right spirit.

telephone messaging

Telephone Messaging & Interactive Voice Response

Our culture-specific voice over actors are skilled at recording telephone messages such as phone greetings, voice mail recordings, on-hold messages, and marketing messages. We also create voice over for prompts used in interactive voice response systems.

delayed dubbing

Delayed Dubbing

Delayed dubbing is delayed 1-2 seconds after the original audio. This UN-style voice over translation is perfect for publishing news, customer testimonials, or interviews in multiple languages.

video translation

Video Translation

Wordspath only hires native industry-specific translators with in-depth voice over experience in anime, infomercials, movies, online video content, TV series, video games, e-learning and corporate training videos, etc.

More Voice Over Services

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Our Voice Over Translation Process


Analyze the audio file

Firstly, share your video and tell us about your needs. Our experienced account manager will analyze the file (length, type, subject domain, etc.) and then send you a quotation.


Transcribe the audio

The most experienced human transcriptionist will convert the audio into a script in the source language. Or you can save money and costs using speech recognition technology to get the transcription work done. Either way, professional human translators will be in charge of the proofreading of the transcription.


Translate the transcription

The best-fitting voice over translator will translate the transcript into the target language with voice over in mind to ensure limited text expansion while adding cultural nuances accordingly.


Record the voice over

We will select the ideal voice over artist based on your target language and demographic. Then the native voice over artist will record the voice over with specific timings in mind to keep the lip-sync match the original video while also paying attention to tone and style.

subtitles 1

Add subtitles if needed

Our subtitlers will then insert the transcription text into the frame with specific timing to match the on-screen action as per your needs.


Deliver the final video

Our quality control will check the final product for integrity and completeness and ensure only the highest quality product will be delivered. Then our project manager will send the final video in formats of your choice via a secure FTP.

What Industries Are Using Our Voice Over Services?

As the most thoroughly consumed form of content, video is the fastest and most effective way to communicate ideas to your target audience. More and more brands from different business sectors have realized the urgent need for video localization. Industries that depend on our voice over translation services to break into international markets include:

Film & Media

If you are a director or producer who wants to export your successful movie to another country, it’s a wise choice to approach reliable voice over services online. Whether it’s documentaries, short films, feature films, promotional trailers, or news announcements, we ensure your message reaches your audience’s doorstep.

Marketing & Advertising Agencies

If you have a good product and hope to tap into new markets, adapting your adverts to the local requirements is key to your international success. Our voice over recording services ensure every message is clearly and accurately conveyed to all target audiences. We re-voice everything from animation character dialogues, advertisement narrations to product presentations, government public advertisements.


If you are running an e-learning app or have an international workforce to educate, you probably have loads of training/tutorial videos in hand. ELearning voice over for training materials is necessary because people learn things quicker in their mother tongue and hence, better knowledge retention.


Process videos are omnipresent in the manufacturing industry. Locale-specific voice over translation allows your customers to fully understand the product information and use it properly, taking customer satisfaction to a higher level.


Prospective game developers who aim to boost the ROI are scrambling to make their successful local game multilingual. Our voice over services adapt your video game to the enjoyment of your new player and make possible a better player experience.

Multilingual Voice Over Services

Our global team of voice over artists possess a wide range of operational voice over and dubbing experience, helping businesses educate new audiences in native dialogue across 150+ languages.

chinese translation services

Mandarin Voice Over Services

japanese translation services

Japanese Voice Over Translation

english interpretation services

English Voice Over Services

portuguese translation services

Portuguese Voice Over Services

french interpretation services

rench Voice Over Services

italian translation services

Italian Voice Over Services

cantonese interpretation services

Cantonese Voice Over Services

korean translation services

Korean Voice Over Translation

spanish interpretation services

Spanish Voice Over Services

russian translation services

Russian interpretation services

german translation services

German Voice Over Services

turkish voice over services

Turkish Voice Over Services

Voice Over Services vs Dubbing Services – When To Use

When talking about video translation, we either add translated subtitles on the screen or replace the original soundtrack with translated voice over or dubbing. Voice over and dubbing are two sides of the same coin. They both serve the purpose of interpreting a message to a new audience.

Voice over refers to recording a soundtrack in a new language by a voice over actor and it pays less attention to the tonality and emotion of the original soundtrack. On the other hand, the dubber imitates the original audio’s lip-sync, expression, and tone, making dubbing more precise in emotive, tonal, and technical richness.

How do you decide when to use voice over or dubbing services? It highly depends on the type of audio file. Generally, voice over is ideal for multimedia content such as advertisements, documentaries, e-learning videos, games, training videos. Dubbing works best for video content such as movies and TV series. The dubbin is required to retain the tonality and emotion of the original soundtrack while matching on-screen action.