All 29 Spanish Speaking Countries in Europe [Complete List]

Spanish is the fourth most spoken language worldwide. If you master it, then you will be able to connect with a large number of people.

So, how many Spanish speaking countries in Europe are there? The short answer is one: Spain. In fact, you can find Spanish speakers in other non-native European countries as well.

Simply put, Spanish is a global language and if you can speak, read, or understand it, you already have an advantage both personally and professionally.

countries in europe that speak spanish

What European Countries Speak Spanish?

However, this map of Europe in Spanish applies to the European Union only. Of course, that’s not everything. Spanish speakers can be found all around Europe.

Read on and find out more specific details:

No.Name of the countryCapitalSpanish speakers in totalProficiency
18United KingdomLondon4,294,0001.6%
28Czech RepublicPrague26,8960.25%

#1 Spain

Spain has five official languages: Aranese, Catalan, Galician, Basque, and Castilian (with only 2,800 native speakers). Spanish is the most spoken language in Spain, with almost 94% of the population speaking it as their first or second language.

#2 Andorra

Andorra’s official language is Catalan, but you can also communicate in Spanish, French, and Portuguese. Today, 35.4% of the Andorran inhabitants are Spanish speakers,

#3 France

France has a populace of around 67 million people and around 9.06% of the individuals are local Spanish speakers.

#4 Portugal

Portugal has a population of almost 10.28 million people, with 6.98% speaking Spanish as their first language.

#5 Italy

Italy has a populace of around 59 million individuals, out of which around 6.56% are local Spanish speakers.

#6 Sweden

Sweden’s population reaches the number of 10,549,347. Around 4.78% of them speak Spanish fluently.

#7 Ireland

There are approximately 5 million people residing in The Republic of Ireland. There are approximately 3.65% native Spanish speakers.

#8 Denmark

Denmark has a population of approximately 5.8 million people, with 3.29% speaking Spanish as their primary language.

#9 Netherlands

More than 17 million people live in the Netherlands now, with 3.24% speaking Spanish as their first choice.

#10 Belgium

There are approximately 11.59 million people living in Belgium, of which 3.19% are native speakers of Spanish.

#11 Romania

Romania has a population of 19.66 million as of 2022 with around 2.54% speaking Spanish as their mother tongue.

#12 Germany

More than 84 million people are currently living in Germany. Approximately 2.5% from them are native Spanish speakers.

#13 Austria

There are almost 9 million people living in Austria, of which approximately 2.45% speak Spanish.

#14 Luxembourg

Recent studies show that there are around 645,000 people living in Luxembourg, of which approximately 2.43% are native speakers of Spanish.

#15 Finland

Finland has a population of approximately 5.54 million people, of which approximately 2.39% are native speakers of Spanish.

#16 Slovenia

There are approximately 2.08 million people living in Slovenia, of which approximately 2.25% are Spanish speakers.

#17 Croatia

Croatia’s population now is 4,042,099 individuals. When it comes to Spanish speakers, states their number is 67,100 or only about 1.67% of all people living there.

#18 United Kingdom

According to stats from, there are 4,294,000 in the United Kingdom. That is only 1.6% of the total population of the country.

#19 Bulgaria

There are around 7 million Bulgarian residents of which 1.28% are native speakers of Spanish.

#20 Cyprus

People living in Cyprus are around 1,230 million. Only 1% are native speakers of Spanish.

#21 Latvia

There are approximately 1.9 million people living in Latvia, of which around 0.98% are speakers of Spanish.

#22 Greece

Greece has a population of 10.3 million people as of the beginning of 2023, with 0.88% speaking Spanish as their first language.

#23 Lithuania

People living in Lithuania are almost 2.7 million of which approximately 0.76% are native speakers of Spanish.

#24 Malta

There are currently 444,476 people residing in Malta. Of that number, around 0.73% are able to speak Spanish.

#25 Poland

Poland has a population of almost 38 million people with 0.68% speaking Spanish as their primary choice.

#26 Hungary

As of 2023, according to Worldometers, Hungary’s population counts down to 9.6 million people. Approximately 0.55% of them are native Spanish speakers.

#27 Slovakia

Currently, Slovakia has 5.466 million people living there, with 0.41% speaking Spanish as their first language.

#28 Estonia

Estonia has a population of approximately 1.328 million people, with 0.35% speaking Spanish as their main language.

#29 Czech Republic

The population of Czechia is about 10.76 million people, of which just 0.25% can speak Spanish.

How Many Countries in Europe Speak Spanish?

Spanish is spoken today mostly in Spain, Portugal, and Andorra as well as by a large number of people in the British territory of Gibraltar. According to the study of Language Knowledge, there are also 24 other countries in Europe that speak Spanish.

How Many Spanish Speaking Countries Are There in the World?

The number of people who speak Spanish is rising all over the world, from Africa’s Spanish speaking nations to Asia’s Spanish speaking nations.

Ethnologue has come up with an extensive list of Spanish speaking places in alphabetical order:

  1. Algeria;
  2. Andorra;
  3. Argentina;
  4. Aruba;
  5. Australia;
  6. Austria;
  7. Belgium;
  8. Belize;
  9. Bolivia;
  10. Brazil;
  11. British Virgin Islands;
  12. Bulgaria;
  13. Canada;
  14. Caribbean Netherlands;
  15. Cayman Islands;
  16. Chile;
  17. China;
  18. Colombia;
  19. Costa Rica;
  20. Côte d’Ivoire;
  21. Cuba;
  22. Curacao;
  23. Cyprus;
  24. Czechia;
  25. Denmark;
  26. Dominican Republic;
  27. Ecuador;
  28. El Salvador;
  29. Equatorial Guinea;
  30. Finland;
  31. France;
  32. Germany;
  33. Gibraltar;
  34. Guam;
  35. Guatemala;
  36. Guinea-Bissau;
  37. Honduras;
  38. Ireland;
  39. Israel;
  40. Italy;
  41. Jamaica;
  42. Japan;
  43. Lebanon;
  44. Luxembourg;
  45. Malta;
  46. Mexico;
  47. Morocco;
  48. Netherlands;
  49. New Zealand;
  50. Nicaragua;
  51. Norway;
  52. Panama;
  53. Paraguay;
  54. Peru;
  55. Philippines;
  56. Poland;
  57. Portugal;
  58. Puerto Rico;
  59. Romania;
  60. Russian Federation;
  61. Sint Maarten;
  62. Suriname;
  63. Sweden;
  64. Switzerland;
  65. Trinidad and Tobago;
  66. Turkey;
  67. Turks and Caicos Islands;
  68. U.S. Virgin Islands;
  69. United Kingdom;
  70. United States;
  71. Uruguay;
  72. Venezuela;
  73. Western Sahara.

What Is The Largest Spanish-speaking Country?

Mexico (Romero) is the country with the biggest number of local Spanish speakers on the planet. In Mexico, 124.85 million people had a native command of the language as of 2021. With approximately 50.6 million native Spanish speakers, Colombia ranked second in the world and with nearly 45 million, Argentina came in third.

How Many Countries Have Spanish as Their Official Language?

There are a total of 21 countries with Spanish as the official language: Spain, Mexico, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Argentine, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, Venezuela, and Equatorial Guinea are the other countries in this group. Despite the fact that Puerto Rico is not a nation, they are regarded as their own nation due to their distinctive language usage.

What Is The Population of Spanish Speakers in The World?

According to a recent study by the Instituto Cervantes (Fernández), nearly 493 million people worldwide speak Spanish as their first language. That would make Spanish, in terms of the number of native speakers, the second most widely spoken language in the world, after Mandarin Chinese.

What Country Speaks The Best Spanish?

spanish speaking countries in europe

That is a matter of opinion. Colombian Spanish is frequently regarded as the “best.” It is said to have an extremely “neutral” accent. Some people say that the Colombian accent is the same as the Mexican accent.

Spanish has undergone some changes as a result of the overlap of English and Spanish in places like Puerto Rico and Belize, where both languages are spoken. Numerous English words have entered the language as a result of Mexico’s proximity to the United States and the presence of American and Canadian tourists. That is why Colombian Spanish is viewed as the “purest”one. Contrasted with other Spanish speaking nations, it has little impact from different nations or dialects.

Spanish in Spain is very distinct. Even though Spain’s Spanish is unique and may sound strange to some Latin Americans, Spain is the country from which the language originated. So, some may claim Spaniards set the standard for what is right or not.

What Is The Only Spanish Speaking Country in Europe?

Spanish is the official language of only one European nation, which may come as a surprise. This country is Spain. There are many variants throughout the nation such as Galician, Basque, Valencian, etc. Today, modern Castilian Spanish is spoken in Castile, Madrid, and Salamanca, particularly in central and northern Spain. This is generally regarded as the standard language and is the preferred dialect of Spanish taught in schools.

Is Portugal a Spanish Speaking Country?

The brief response is no; Portugal is not a Spanish speaking country. Spanish is spoken by around 7% of the Portuguese population, making it the third most widely spoken foreign language in Portugal. Both Romance languages were “born” on the Iberian Peninsula, so it is natural that they share many similarities, especially on paper. Speakers of either language typically have no trouble reading the other.

However, things get a little more complicated when it comes to phonology, because the pronunciation is significantly different from what you might expect. In any case, it is said that Portuguese speakers regularly comprehend spoken Spanish better than Spanish speakers grasp spoken Portuguese.


Power Language Index (PLI) is a methodical approach to assess the influence and reach of languages, considering five factors: economy, geography, communication, media and knowledge, and diplomacy. In this regard, Spanish is the fourth powerful language in the world!

Spain might be the only European nation where Spanish is official, but unofficially Spanish speaking countries in Europe are more than one. Only about 8% of the world population speak Spanish as a mother tongue, according to a study carried out by the Cervantes institute. Once again, it is a fact that native Spanish speakers can be found almost everywhere in the world!

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